Research and design.

Design brief

A first technical 2D design will be proposed based on the customer design brief or initial 2D drawing. Timing can vary a lot here, as everything depends on the validation of the concept before going ahead.

3D rendering

Once the 2D is approved, the next step is rendering it into 3D. The timing required from 2D to 3D is generally 5 to 7 working days, depending on the complexity of the frame. When ready the 3D will be provided to the customer for approval before going to the prototyping phase.


The prototype is prepared on our own 3D printers from the approved 3D file. An average of 2 days is required from the moment the 3D is approved and the prototype is ready to ship. As from the final approval of the prototype, we are ready to go to to tooling.


Upon approval of the prototype from the customer, the tooling phase is initiated. This process takes from 40 to 60 days depending on the mold complexity. When complete, the molds are shipped to Plastinax and production can start.

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