23 March 2022

Reducing our carbon footprint impact

Plastinax commitment to change

Our main objective when doing business is to keep at heart our island and the planet. We adopt behaviours that are respectful of the environment and make sustainable use of natural resources. We make sure that every decision taken are done while keeping in mind our environmental impact. We have put in place many structures, follow ups and guidelines to educate our people towards the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.

How Plastinax is reducing its carbon footprint

1.    Plastic material is crushed into pellets and then reused to purge our injection machines.
2.    Lenses defects are donated to communities that are in need to do Art’s project in their towns.
3.    In our factory, we have an extensive use of Acetone for cleaning purposes. We have invested in a machine that collects the Acetone and regenerates 80% of the initial consumption.
4.    We have launched our recycled collection for our brand, Helios Eyewear. The frames are made using old stock and returned goods (from clients) that have been crushed into small pellets and then re-injected.

What will be implemented next at Plastinax

1.    In order to produce our own energy, solar panels will be installed on our factory roofs.
2.    We have between 700 to 1,000 kgs of plastic wastes per month. These wastes will be donated to Gamma Civic, a Mauritian crushing plant company. They use the plastic waste as a mixture component in their cement.

We, at Plastinax Austral Ltd, we make sure that we not only talk about implementing good practices towards reducing our carbon footprint impact, but we walk the talk by actually implementing these ideas. We are constantly looking to reduce our impact and finding new alternatives to do so.

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