10 September 2018

Plastinax offers an Outing to all its Employees

Engagement is something that is taken seriously at Plastinax Austral Ltd, a subsidiary of ENL Group.

With an aim to encourage employees to live the company values fully, as well as increasing their sense of belonging to the company, the management organized an outing for all its employees at Flic en Flac beach on 7th September 2018 from 9:00 – 15:00 Hrs.

“The outing was actually one of the Quick-Wins that was identified by the steering committee, set up to drive the ‘#myENL – Living the Values’ initiative, with ‘Unlock Potential’, which is helping ENL Group in this transition phase”, as mentioned by Nicholas Park, General Manager at Plastinax Austral Ltd.

Since the existence of Plastinax, it was the first time that such an event was organized at it was very well received by all employees. It was also an opportunity for employees from all levels, Managers, Staffs or Operatives to meet at a location, different from the workplace. Several activities were organised, which included games and music program. At the end, as responsible citizens, all employees helped to clean up the occupied space.

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