Our expertise.

People expertise

We have dedicated and experienced teams in all level of our organization, from design and product development, production, quality control and customer service. Our key technicians have been with us for more than 30 years and their experience is priceless in the development of new technologically advanced frames. Plastinax design and engineering team is frequently recognized and appreciated for its creation of both open and custom molds, as well as for its coloration proposals

Technological expertise

As the only eyewear manufacturer in the region, we continually invest in the modernization of our operations and in research and development of new technologies. Our products are made using the finest raw material, lenses and accessories. Most of our frames are made from Grilamid TR-90 Green, a revolutionary plastic polymer. This material is made from 58% of castor bean oil. We have submitted a number of patent applications in the field of double and triple injection that enable us to create some very interesting designs, colour combinations and more resistant and flexible frames.

Double & Triple injection

The double and triple injection are two patented technologies that are often used in the design and development of new products for both our customers' and our open mold collections. The double injection process with the use of TR-90, rubber and wire core allows for producing sporty and adjustable frames for a perfect fit. The Triple injection process allows us to inject 3 layers of TR-90 on a frame; the binding of layers is very strong to ensure no delamination occurs after production. The TR-90 granules are colored prior to injection, ensuring no paint chip-off. As each layer can have a different color, the end result gives the impression of acetate but with the lightness and memory shape of TR-90 (30% lighter than acetate).

Triflex technology

Pushing the triple injection further, we developed the unique Triflex technology. This consists of injecting a middle soft layer between two layers of Tr-90. This new material is softer than the Grilamid TR 90 Green but from the same family ensuring good bonding of layers. This technology has several some notable benefits for both optical and safety frames. Optical frames using the Triflex technology provide more frame flexibility, better lens retention and less stress and pressure on the lenses thanks to the groove being built in the soft layer material. This in turn allows for easier and faster lens insertion into the frame without applying heat. Safety frames with the Triflex technology are more resistant to projectiles since the middle layer compresses upon impact acting like a cushion. The object bounces off the frame creating little to no damage. A frame built in Triflex will successfully pass the EN166F & ANZI safety certifications.

Decor possibilities

We have an efficient and creative coloring department, recognized as one of our main strengths. We propose various designs, colors and patterns in terms of d├ęcor and are continuously developing new ones. Considering the triple injection and the added decors possibilities, the coloration options are virtually endless.

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